Room Pampering – Asquith & Somerset

So a while ago whilst looking a delicious bath goodies as I do, I came across a range that did room sprays. Something I hadn’t considered before. For me room fragrance was a spray for your toilet. However there was some very Disney and intriguing about being able to luxuriously pamper my room and bed linens with a delicious soothing fragrance.

Asquith & Somerset – Coconut and Banana Room Spray

RRP £8.30

They Say:

This exquisite home fragrance spray by Asquith & Somerset offers the smooth and velvety scent of Coconut & Banana to arouse your senses and reinstate freshness to your home. Carrying the finest exotic perfume and creating a delightful ambiance in any space or room. Lovingly crafted to enliven and finely fragrance, bringing a taste of the tropics to your home

I Say:

I have found out recently that Asquith and Somerset have stopped trading under this name and are now trading under the Somerset Toiletry Company.

What enticed me to this fragrance initially was the wonderful cardboard tubed packaging with the traditional quintessentially English label. For those the read my blog regularly you know I love a traditional country cottage look so my gaze was instantly interested.

Most fragrance bottles are plastic now so I was happy to find a wonderful frosted glass bottle full of a light yellow liquid, the information was actually printed on the glass which for me shows a higher quality than just a label, and the whole look was classic and unassuming.

I love anything coconut scented and for me the banana was just a bonus. The fragrance is strong just a few sprays will fill a room and linger for a while, and is a wonderful blend of banana and coconut not to sweet and a good balance between the two. I find it perfect for a refreshing a room first thing in the morning or to scent my sheets before going to bed at night to have blissful tropical summer dreams.

Why not pamper your room and your dreams?


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