Health and Fitness Update Part I

So it been a while since my first post about trying to make a change and today was time to look at part one of the results, its been 136 days of trying to make changes to my weight, size, shape and health. What do the facts say?

Fat Mass was 43.5% now 40% – Loss of 3.5%

Visceral Fat Rating was 9 now 8 – Loss of 1

BMI was 35.1 now 33.8 – Loss of 1.3

Weight lost: 10.6lb

Slow but steady right?


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  1. thedirtydiet says:

    Great. Well done. As long as you are heading in the right direction then timing is not important. Celebrate your success. Try to make whatever is working a habit, part of your everyday life. It took me years to find that for me but once you do it really works. Check out my first blog to see what I did – you may find a useful tip or two but you may not (everyone is different and so different things work for different people).

    Anyway, you are doing great. Stick at it and celebrate every little success.😃

    1. lifegoddess says:

      Thanks for this, its all about making a lifestyle change and not just a diet isn’t it!

  2. thedirtydiet says:

    Absolutely. I agree 100%

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