W7 – Get your Candy Blush On

I am a sucker for make up and just can’t help it, for me though blusher is the most overlooked item in the make up bag, I tend to go for the English rose look, often a berry shade with a deeper tinge. Perfect for the evenings.

Looking to update my look I wanted a peachy summer glow to wear during the day to add a little healthy colour.

W7 – Candy Blush Galactic

RRP £5.95

They Say:

Dome powder blusher in soft coral ideal to create the perfect apple cheek.

I Say:

I have to say I don’t like the packaging, it looks cheap and tacky but for the price you can’t really expect the sleek minimalism of MAC. The powder itself is compressed in a dome which is ideal for a contour brush. The brush loads easily and not too heavily and the colour itself is a light minimal peach coral, perfect for a spring day look for those with lighter skin, and also due to the brown/peach hues it can easily be worn over a tan.

It lasts remarkably well and blends easily. If I am honest I am very surprised by the quality of the product. Once on it looks like the subtle blends of far more expensive premium brands. A surprising new Summer staple if you’re willing to overlood the packaging.


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