Fitness Update – Heart Rate?

So I thought it was about time I did a bit of a health update. Its been about 6 weeks now since I started and as we know there have been some ups and downs, with exercise and food and for me the most surprising outcome my heart rate.

When loosing weight and trying to get healthier heart rate isn’t something I had really thought about before, but using a fit bit that tracks it all the time I’ve noticed some significant changes in as little as 6 weeks.

When I started around 6 weeks ago my resting heart rate was 73. For my age 60-80 beats per minute is normal. Now my heart rate sits happily at around 56. I was astounded a surprised it has dropped so much in such little time.

Benefits of lowering your heart rate

When you exercise regularly, your heart is strengthened. When you are at rest, the strengthened heart doesn’t need to do as much work. This means it can pump oxygenated blood efficiently around your body at a lower rate. The health benefit of a lower resting heart rate is that you are at less risk of heart disease.

So I may look in the mirror and not see a huge change on the outside, but even more importantly my body is getting healthier and that cannot be a bad thing at all.


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