Bella Luxe – Sparkling Pink Grapefruit

So I was drawn to this more for the bottle than the contents. I was looking for a glass plunger bottle to put shower gel and body wash in to just make my bathroom look a little more minimal and chic. So for the price (£6.99) how could I say no?

Made by the Australian company Hargreaves and Co.

Belle Luxe Sparkling Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel 760ml

The bottle itself is solid and a good size, I always wanted to check that I could remove the labels once the product is finished which it looks like you can easily do. I usually research the product online to find out what the company says about it before giving my verdict to you dear reader however it just doesn’t seem to exist online!

What surprised me is how much I love the scent, the plunger is easy to use and the product goes on well but doesn’t have a huge amount of lather for those that are used to it. The smells is feminine and clean and very refreshing, perfect for washing the grime of the day off you before cozying up in a dressing gown or before heading out on a date. The grapefruit smell is strong by not overpowering and oddly very feminine. The bottle itself is chic and I look forward to adding a little touch of glamour and luxury into my bathing.




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