Rimmel Lasting Colour Rush

I go through phases on wearing lipstick, so when I saw these, they looked like nice tinted lip balms so how could I say no?

They Say:

Moisturising Long Lasting Lip Colour ALLURING COLOUR, TENDER LIPS… So Kissable!
Long lasting Vibrant Colour AND Moisturising Power in the same breath in the easiest gesture ever. So Vibrant… So Light… for lips good enough to eat!
I Say:Rimmal colour rush
These look like giant plastic crayons, great to slip in the bag for a girl on the go. They have twistable bases for application much like a normal lipstick. I find they go on well and do have more of a moisturisng effect than the thick creme of lipsticks.
I purchased the following shades.
Boom Chica Boom: This bright fusicha pink colour really is not for the faint hearted. a huge neon pop of colour for bright summer days. (4th from left)
Drive Me Nude: A wonder subtle nude shade, prefect for everyday wear just to add a little more colour to already nude lips. (far left)
Viva Violet: An eye popping mauve shade, maybe a little much for lighter skins but lovely for darker and olive shades. (2nd from right)
Redder The Better: This is true pillarbox orange red, great for that dramatic look but perhaps a little too orange for those sultry evening looks. (far right)
I can’t deny I like these. I wear them almost daily and have good lasting colour which wear off evenly as you talk and drink. They are balm based so lips do feel more moisturised with a slitly sheer texture. They have expanded the range for 15 shades now, so why not pick the right one for you?

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    1. lifegoddess says:

      Thanks they are gorgeous and so handbag handy, thanks for reading my review!

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