Bag Envy part III

Okay I know it’s not been long since I bought my last two Osprey bags but I was looking for a confidence boosting pick me up and a splash of colour was going to the be the only way to do it. Now I promise I never meant to buy a bag but when my eyes fell on this in a gorgeous eye popping coral I knew it would be coming home with me. With trepidation I walked up to check the price £30! reduced from £50 what a bargain.

Clearly a wholesale brand but with dynamic and eye catching styles, perfect for those who can’t afford the designer prices but don’t want to compromise on quality.

This bag has enough zips and compartments to lose all your makeup, phones and handcream in but is still large enough to put in A4 paper (essential for a work bag for me).

Okay so not a pay day splash out but more of a mid month treat and hey we know what every shape or size we are a bag is always gonna fit and is the easiest way of spicing up your wardrobe.



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