Botanical Bathing

Oh dear another shopping spree. I get through body washes like hot dinners as some times I shower and bath twice a day depending on if I have been at the allotment/seen my trainer/gym etc.

I always on the look out for something that makes my bath time well a little less boring and I love natural scents so when I found this I just couldn’t say no.

Botanical Aromatherapy – Relaxing Eucalyptus and Peppermint 946mlBotanical bathing

Anything which combines natural oils and coconut is a winner in my eyes. The bottle is very large (almost a litre in size) so don’t get me wrong you won’t be packing this for a weekend getaway (though the plunge topper would make it very easy to decant into travel size bottles). It is plastic to the touch which does make it feel a little cheaper but the labelling is beautiful with lovely floral garden designs. This would not look out of place in an upmarket hotel.

The scent is glorious and doesn’t smell fake at all, it smells like bringing the garden from the outside inside, and is wonderful to soothe those aches and pains after a long walk outside in the country or digging at the allotment. The eucalyptus and peppermint combination give it a wonderful zingy and earth feel, a perfect pick me up in the morning or a wake up wash after the gym.

I found it didn’t dry out my skin which was lovely but didn’t quite smell or sense the nourish coconut that was mentioned. Lovely for bathtime indulgence on a daily basis during those lovely summer months.



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