Get your glow on

The holy grail of hair, smooth and shine, who doesn’t want hair like Kim Murray or Kate Middelton, bouncy shiny and effortlessly chic. I have no shame in admitting over the years I have spent hundreds of pounds in the quest for shiny hair. The latest product….

Garnier Ultimate Glow Replenisher Mask 200mlUltimate Blends

RRP: £4.50

They Say:

Ultimate Blends Glow Replenisher Intensive

For additional nourishment and a radiant glow, treat your hair once or twice a week with the pampering Ultimate Blends Glow Replenisher 1 Minute Treatment, blended with Moroccan Argan Oil, and Japanese Camellia Oil.

For a sensational sheen, finish with the multi-tasking Ultimate Blends Marvellous Glow Oil.

Result: Up to 48 hours glowing shine, incredible suppleness.

I Say:

I didn’t purchase this product based on its looks, it is not a classy or pretty looking product. In fact it looks quite cheap and tacky which is unusual as Garnier are usually quite good for their mid priced packaging designs.

The smell is nice and the product is thick and creamy.I like the idea you only need to leave it on for a minute as most nourishing conditioners are three minutes and lets face it when you’re in the bath or shower who sits around for three minutes waiting for it to work its magic.

I was surprised by the effectiveness of the product, it was definately smoother and less frizzy, in fact it looked a little greasy but I did use it alongside a hair serum which may have overloaded it a little. I wouldn’t recommend to place this anywhere near your roots if you have greasy hair. Would I buy this product again? yes however based on its looks it will be firmly hidden away in my bathroom cabinet.



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