Get your protein on!

So being a vegetarian I struggle to get protein in my diet and recently I was reading how important protein is when looking to lose weight.

Imagine my delight when I came across this.

My Protein Pancake MixPancake Mix

£15.99 per kg

They say:

Product Overview

Protein Pancake Mix is a ready-to-make high protein snack containing a remarkable 34g of protein per serving (1 ½ scoops). The protein content is derived from a trio of whey, milk and egg proteins, providing your body with a mixture of fast and slow acting nutrients.

What are the Key Benefits?

34g of protein per serving will help contribute to the maintenance, growth and repair of muscle mass, which is an integral element to any sporting performance.

Each serving contains only 191 calories and 3.2g of fat, making our pancakes the perfect high protein snack to compliment a wide range of training and health goals.

Available in Golden Syrup, Maple Syrup and Chocolate flavours for you to experience and enjoy.

When to take?

Our incredibly tasty Protein Pancakes are a perfect alternative for what is usually an unhealthy supermarket selection. Protein Pancake Mix is ideal for those who are striving to increase daily protein intake, but don’t want the hassle of making pancakes from scratch. Generally used for breakfast, they can also be a tasty snack in between meals or as a nutritious dessert.

I say:

Firstly I wanted to comment on the service from My Protein. order late one even and arrived by 14:00 the next day. How great is that? they told you when the items were dispatched and you could even track the courier.

The package itself just looks like a normal protein power, and it is 50g to 100ml of milk. I choose to use almond milk as it is cheaper.

The mix is lumpy unless you are careful, so I put my in the nutribullet to blend for a little while which was fine. Don’t try this in a protein shaker as the consistency is too thick. I use a large frying pan so each amount makes 1 pancake but I am sure it would make two smaller ones. They look like pancakes and are simple and easy to cook, about 4 minutes on one side and 2 the other and voila pancakes.

On their own they can seem a little dry but this can easily be changed as ai just spread a tiny little bit of coconut oil on them which brings the flavours to life and makes them nice and moist, I can imagine also chopped banana would be a great addition. The only downside I would say is the flavour seems a little too sweet and synthetic (I bought maple syrup flavour).

For 34g per pancake with low calories this is going to be a staple addition to my weekend breakfasts!



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  1. aside from pancakes, would you recommend a snack which is high in protein?

    1. lifegoddess says:

      Quinoa and Nuts and nut butter are great!

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