Binge – complete failure or just a stumble?

So we knew this was going to happen, and to be honest I could feel it was coming on. Two days of the gym on my own, feeling good monitoring my diet in a positive way, Even went to a BBQ yesterday and just ate the yummy grilled veggies. I even steered clear of the gorgeous looking white chocolate and malteser cheesecake that was there, and honestly I felt fine about it.

However for the past few days there has been a little voice whispering in my ear… Pizza… Pizza… it beckons to me, and I knew at some point it was going to win. Today just happened to be the day. So I let the voice win.

So now I feel, fat, bloated, heavy, uncomfortable and in pain, but I am trying to use this as a learning curve to prevent this happening again.

Now I wasn’t feeling low, I hadn’t heard any new bad news or had any new stressors in my life. So why did I do it? I can only put it down to one of a few things… one was I chose not to go to the gym today, I wanted to rest my sore and aching legs after 2 days of hard work. The second, at the BBQ one of the girl asked how my healthy eating was going and I told them I had lost 5lbs, I find that as soon as I start being successful at weight loss and I bizarrely self sabotage. I have no idea why and this may well need exploring at a later date!

So I have two new rules, when people ask or comment about my diet/weight loss etc I will binge2.jpgjust say its going well thanks, and also if I feel like I want to binge make sure I go to the gym that day as I am much less likely to undo all the hard work I have just put in.

What is done is done and now I need to instead of telling myself I am useless, fat, lazy, a failure etc I need to find a new way to look after myself post binge to help myself should it happen again. So here are my new post binge rules

  1. Get an early night – treat yourself to some much needed rest as tomorrow is another day!
  2. Drink water – help your body aid digestion but taking in some water even though you may not want to as you feel so full it can be helpful. Avoid Alcohol and caffeine as this can make you feel worse and delay the digestive process
  3. Plan your next meal – Don’t punish yourself by saying you won’t eat to make up for all the extra calories you ate. Keep it simple with fruit a salad or a diet shake but remember to eat.
  4. Make sure you get to the gym within 24 hours post binge – You are not just a binge eater you are also looking after your body too.
  5. Reality check – So you may have set yourself back 2-3 days, but that’s it. You can’t have put on a stone in one day. You’re okay and you’ve got this.
  6. Don’t get on the scales until 5 days of clean eating after, let your body recovery and relax, plus if your weight fluctuates this could make you feel worse.
  7. Don’t promise yourself some juice fast or random diet to undo what you have just done, you may find you feel like you are depriving yourself and then the cycle starts again.

So as much as I don’t feel great about what happened, right now both physically and mentally I refuse to punish myself about it, I however looking forward to feeling less bloated in the morning and to a nice simple protein shake to start the new week and leave today firmly in the yesterday!


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