Ethical and Tropical – Summer Hair

Well on my never ending quest for shampoo I was planning on a weekend away and on the way I realised I hadn’t packed any shampoo. So using this as a wonderful excuse to try a new brand I picked up Inecto Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner.

Inecto Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner 500ml

RRP: £1.40

They Say:

With thirst quenching pure Organic Coconut Oil this lustre replenishing formula will deeply nourish and leave hair feeling heavenly.

At inecto, we are inspired by nature.Inecto Coconut Shampoo

Natural ingredients are wonderful to use and by harnessing their properties we create products that feel great and work wonders.

So the only things you’ll find in our products are naturally benefitting to your hair and skin.

Up to 90% of our ingredients are from natural origins. We work closely with farms across the world to add only sustainably sourced oils to our products.

Our inecto Naturals range infuse Pure Coconut Oil and Pure Argan Oil for their incredible properties that help protect and nourish your hair and body.

I Say:

I was drawn to the fact this is vegan and vegetarian friendly. That and the fact I love anything coconut scented. Both the bottles are a great size for the price and they smell heavenly and very rick and creamy. It foams well and leaves hair feeling as soft and smooth as the premium brands. The oil in the products is ethically and sustainably sourced so not only will it leave your hair clean but your conscience too!

I would say this product is for dry and damaged hair, so if you have naturally greasy hair this may not the be shampoo for you. For me this is a definite bargain for the quality you get and I also enjoy supporting british brands. A definate buy again.


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