Natroil – Bargain colour?

So I took a good look at my hair this morning, and I had a lovely range of speckled greys peppering my parting and my streak in my fringe well, it was looking pretty dramatic, so with a sigh I opened the bathroom cabinet to reach for the packet dye. To my shock and horror nothing, reserve packet gone and no replacement. Panic stations.

natroilSo while out shopping for some other bits and bobs I came across this on offer.

NatrOil Permanent Hair Colours

RRP: £3.00

They Say:

NatrOil 60% Oils.
With natural Plant Oils Ammonia Free.
Softer hair with natural shine, perfect vivid colour. Up to 100% Grey coverage, longer lasting colour.

I Say:

It took me ages to decide which colour brown, until I finally picked light brown (its summer so why not go a little lighter). The box itself is the same as any other hair dye. Colour, developer, conditioner (a good size tube) and gloves (again a good quality).

The first thing that really hit me was that there was no strong hair dye smell, in fact it smelt quite nice and the solution is creamy like conditioner, unlike other more expensive dye products. The solution has to be left on for around 30 minutes, whereas other brands are around 20.

The product washed of easily and left no staining around my forehead and neck areas which is the bane of my life with other dyes.

My hair feels as conditioned as when I have used other more expensive brands and the colour has come out well. The grey has been covered and the colour is good. The only downside I would say to this brand is that there is little choice of colour in the range, but if you are looking for budget home colour without compromising on quality, give it a go!



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