Needing a little motivation

So the couch to 5k was a failure, and I realised my anxiety and issues around exercise and food were just to big to deal with on my own to start off with. All the intention is there but when it gets to the time to do it, I find the anxiety and then the sofa wins.

After a bit of soul searching as to a way to get passed this I decided to make contact with a personal trainer, as their guidance would at least start me being active, and my own financial investment into myself would mean I wouldn’t want to sabotage the work i was putting in.

Now I know that when my exercise is proactive my food usually falls in line, after all who wants to sabotage all the good work they have put in? I made contact with a personal trainer Rob Piggott, if I am honest some of my motivation was around prices, as his costs were very reasonable, but also the fact that he has a gym at his home so initially I wouldn’t have to worry what others would think, which does cause some of my anxiety

I met with Rob at his home, and initially it felt quite awkward, probably because I knew we were going to talk about things I would feel uncomfortable about. I was happy that I spoken openly but without crying so I decided to book 20 sessions on the spot.

A week later and Monday came round and session one. I was determined to go straight from work and luckily they have a downstairs en suite so I was able to get changed there. The session for me felt a good solid standard, not ridiculously hard but I think for a new client it is hard for a trainer to gauge how far to push.

We warmed up for 10 minutes level 8 on the cross trainer, and then went on to do some squats, with the TX, tricep dips, medicine ball ab stretches, crunches and flys with the free weights, we also did some boxing and finished off with 5 minutes on the rower. I was sweating but not dying and I could feel my abs for three days afterwards.

It made me feel good that I had dome something and found it enjoyable, and found myself sticking more closely with my diet this week than before. I was weighed in my session already and he asked where I would like to be, he was quiet rather those forceful trainers that are very preachy in their ways, which made me happier, and he seemed happy with where I said I wanted to be. I left feeling sweaty happy, content and relieved that I had taken the first step. Lets see what this Monday brings!

If you can motivate yourself why not take the step to ask someone help you motivate yourself? After all that’s what they are there for!


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