The hidden gem that is Oscars

So recently I was away in regards to a conference, included in the price was a three course meal at Oscars Brasserie. I belive that they often have a deal three courses for £20.

The restaurant was empty with gilted elegant decorations, with quality linen and lovely light walls. The chairs are plush and inviting and the ambience one of opulence.Oscars - dinner.jpg

I had the goats cheese crostini to start, the pea and asparagus risotto for the main and the warm apple tart for dessert, all were a lovely temperature and the presentation was wonderful, all the food was brought out together which was quite the feat considering we were a group of 20.

The service was wonderful and friendly, my only criticism would be that they started clearing our plates prior to us all finishing which was a little intrusive. The portions were a good size and I left feeling stuffed.

Neatly tucked away inside the Royal Bath Hotel don’t dismiss this wonderful brasserie for dates to impress or an anniversary or birthday.

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