Fat to 5k?

So after my last post I sat surrounded by sweets, crisps and ice cream and generally wallowing in self-pity, I came to a realisation


I am responsible

  • For my fat – as I have eaten every little lb of it that I have put on
  • For my health – no one else will do that for me
  • For my body image – I am the one that creates it
  • For what I put in my mouth – I am the only one that controls that
  • For getting off my arse – I am no one else responsibility but my own
  • For creating my own future – The harder I work the better I get
  • The results that I create – Be they positive or negative

No one else will do these things for me, only I can. So today I dug out my old Garmin Forerunner 60. The battery was obviously flat as it hasn’t been used since about 2011, and instead of thinking ‘oh that will go on the list of things to do’ I drove and got the battery replaced, the god’s must have been smiling on me as the gentleman refused to let me pay.

So here I am sitting with all my stuff set up and a 5K plan all set by Garmin which starts with a 15 minute brisk walk tomorrow, and 3 days of exercise a week on a 12 week plan.

Wish me luck and all the dedication that you have!

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