Gnocchilious – Add some spice!

For me this is one of my store cupboard favourites. Easy to whizz up and perfect for a bowl of comfort food after a chilly spring day!

You will need

Coconut Oil



Sun-dried tomatoes

Cashew nuts

Sea Salt

Tomato Puree

I am so lazy I don’t even boil the gnocchi, it just goes straight in the pan and is fried in coconut oil, after it has been cooked a little I add some tomato puree a pinch of sea salt and then chop in some jalapeno from the jar (feel free to add some chilli flakes if you really like heat!) and some yummy sun-dried tomatoes for that strong salty flavour.

I then fry the gnocchi with the newly added cashew nuts so it goes slighty crispy then straight in a bowl to nibble in front of the telly.


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