Churchillian – Identity crisis?

So yet another day and another date, this time to the Churchillian for the wonderful views over the hill and the sea. I was interested to see how it was since its refurbishment not that long ago.

They Say:

The Churchillian is situated on top of Portsdown Hill, Cosham, Portsmouth which is chalk escarpment estimated at 120 metres high. This is a tremendous vantage point for the pub to provide the most spectacular views across an area covering Portsmouth, the Isle of Wight and Hayling Island. Also, to rear wonderful views can be seen off Southwick and the beautiful surounding countryside.

But The Churchillian Restaurant & Bar Portsmouth is more than just a view. Upon entering the pub you will quickly realise the ambience is warm and friendly and caters for all tastes and needs. The menus available provide wholesome value for money fayre with a quick and attractive service from the management and the staff.

The interior decor is of special significance as Sir Winston Churchill and the Allied forces planned the D-Day assault at nearby Southwick. Sir Winston therefore is very prominent in the furnishings of the Restaurant & Bar and creates the historical theme.

I Say:

They now market themself as Alehouse and Brasserie which for me I find more than a little confusing, in honesty it just looks like a pub with tables from a restuarant with the traditional red and white table cloths and wine glasses. Hardly a place to chill out and have a drink.

For me the resturant was a wonderful metaphor for the date, stunted, awkward and trying to hard. We all know lovely organic pub grub is what we are looking for, and this place would be the ideal location for this. The only impressive thing I’ve found is the website! What used to be a great place has sadly lost its identity.




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