Skin Chemists – Cleansing Oil

TKMAXX the place of dreams and bargains. Id had never even ventured in until around 6 months ago when a friend kept going on about it.

Whilst I was there, being the sucker for beauty products such as I am I picked up this little gem.

Wrinkle Killer Advanced Cleansing Oil 30mlscwkaco_skinchemists-wrinkle-killer-advanced-cleansing-oil-with-carton

RRP: £150

They say: Erase impurities such as dirt, make-up and grease while experiencing unparallelled anti-ageing properties with this luxurious cleansing oil. Infused with Argan oil for intense nourishment and moisturisation

I say: Now obviously I didn’t pay £150 for this, I think I paid in the region of £25 for the bottle. originally I purchased it as I knew my beloved Sanctuary – Therapist’s Secret facial oil was coming to an end think it would be a similar product, and secondly as I have an addiction to anything with the word serum in a dropper bottle as it makes me feel like some amazing alchemist beautifying my skin.

The bottle itself is understated and unobtrusive to look at and the smell is a little non descript, it wouldn’t say it smells like a luxury product. However I was drawn to the simple and natural sounding list of ingredients without too many long chemical names.

The serum itself is quite light, it is not a thick as the sanctuary product, but its important to remember this is a cleansing oil so is different. I have naturally oily skin so as much as I love serums I always worry that they are going to make my skin clogged, spotty and more oily. This stuff however is not like that. I have been using nightly it for a few weeks with no breakouts and waking up to soft lovely skin. I wouldn’t add a cream to the my night routine though as it would be a little too much for my skin I think, though would really nourish those with dry skin.

Is it worth the £150 price tag? I would say no, but that’s just me, I am not sure I would find any skin care product worth that price tag if I am honest, but is it good? definately! buy it if you can find it at a bargain price and look forward to babysoft skin.



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