Go nude for Spring!

So I have this week off work, and after yesterday and the day before clearing the garden, taking things to the tip etc I decided to have a day off and a spring time pamper, as if I am honest I have REALLY been letting myself go, days of hoodies and no make up can be a refreshing break but sometimes for me it just becomes the norm!Gelish

So time to look at what I’ve got and work with what I have, and today was a day of nails.

Now I am a gel nail girl and cannot be bothered to pay £20 a pop to have my nails done do I bought my own set of nail varnishes off Ebay for £30ish and a UV lamp £9 from Ebay.

My choice or varnish  – Gelish

nude nailsMy choice of colour – Nude

I find gel nails simple to do and takes around 20 minutes. Plus the shine and coverage is so much better than your normal polish which with my impatient mind is guaranteed to smudge within the first 5 minutes.

For a spring update why not go for a classic nude, not dark and mysterious for winter but not the fun bright summer colours that pop and show off your tan yet. Nude is simple and classy and why not add a little bit of self-care into your diary.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Yuna says:

    Quite expensive for me, but I like the this refreshing nude idea. I should try it. 😀

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