Skin Detox? – Apparently so!

So on my bargain hunting as you may well be aware I stumbled across Skin Chemists, usually prices at well over £100 a pot for some bargain prices. This one at £19.99, you may also know that I am a sucker for serums. So when this came up I just couldn’t say no!

Skin Chemists Night Detox Serum – 30ml

RRP: £135 (you can get this online for around £42 at

They say:

  • Applied at night for the highest absorption and complete detoxification in the morning
  • Olive Oil delivers extraordinary hydration performance, compatible with all skin types it provides extra nourishment to sensitive and reactive skin. 

    Suggestion of use:
    Massage a few drops over the face after cleansing, and allow to absorb into the skin before applying moisturiser.

    Suggested age range:

    Suggested skin type: All skin types

  • During the night, the skin pores enlarge and oxygenate
  • The skin should feel softer, revitalised, purified.Contains a range of beneficial active ingredients:
    Radicare, derived from Rosmarinic Acid, is known to be antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, helping to detoxyify and repair the skin from daily wear and tear
  • It inhibits the development of free radicals and actively combats those which already exist
  • Castor oil is an essential oil rich in vitamin E and renowned for its therapeutic and fortifying properties

I say:

Unlike other Skin Chemist’s range which really seems to be quite fragrance free this smells lovely. Like a tropical summer cocktail. It is not as thick as other serums but I don’t mind it as I found it doesn’t leave you face feeling as greasy.

The bottle itself is a nice simple looking glass bottle and it looks like the serum will last ages, much better value compared to a face cream. The ingredients themselves look pretty good too.

I am not entirely sure how it detoxes your face?! but as a serum it really is lovely, I woke up with no shiny or greasiness on my face which I found sometimes happening with the sanctuary Therapists Secret Facial Oil. Perhaps this would be better suited to a lighter summer skin care routine with the heavy nourishing serums for the winter.

Is it worth £135? I am not sure yet but for the next 5-6 months it will be my go to serum so lets find out.



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