Time – To make an investment?

So I like watches, they are traditional and I think elegant in the world of smartphones, but have an awful habit of not getting batteries changed when they run out so yet again another watch sits in a drawer. So after my last watch broke I thought perhaps its time to make an investment so around 6 months ago I purchased this beauty:

Citizen Ladies’ Silhouette Crystal Eco-Drive WatchCitizen watch

RRP: £229

I wanted it to be dress up and an everyday watch, and most importantly something I would NEVER need to change the batteries for.

They Say:

This ladies Citizen Silhouette Crystal watch has a PVD rose plating case and is fitted with an analogue eco-drive movement. It is fitted with a rose metal bracelet and has a white dial. The watch has a date function.

I Say:

Well I’ve had this watch for well over 6 months with no rubbing on the strap and no discolouration of the rose gold plating. It is a weighty piece and is not for those with the delicate of wrist. It has a large dial which sits comfortably on my wrist but could easily be too bulk for others. The stone have kept their sparkle and are small enough to prevent the watch looking garish and tacky. It’s not a watch that you would wear with a ball gown but is for me just about prefect for everything else.

Why not think about making an investment in a statement watch, rather than some jewelery and make it your trademark piece?


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