Casa Brasil -Come Hungry – Leave Hungry

So a few weeks ago (pre eating plan) I was invited out to a friends 40th a Casa Brasil. With the promise of Brazilian cuisine and cocktails how could a girl not be persuaded.


Vegetarian £12.95

Meat eater: £24.95

They say:

The rodizio experience starts with unlimited trips to our gourmet salad bar and traditional brazilian hot dishes in addition to our unlimited rodizio, as Passadores (meat chefs) come round with barbecue meats served on massive skewers, each with a tender selection of the cuts of the day, perfectly seasoned and carved tableside.

• Unlimited food at one set price
• Eat straight away, no waiting for food to arrive

I say:

What a mess! being a veggie knew it was going to be a limited but really the whole experience was awful. It was busy and crowded, it was a Saturday night and you had to shout to be heard by the person next to you over the din of others talking and the loud Samba music and carnivals being shown on the TV dotted around which made the whole atmosphere intensely distracting.

The salad bar for veggies was shockingly bad, and a lot of the dishes on there also had meat in them, with some being unlabeled so I couldn’t tell if they were vegetarian. So sadly I had a plate of unimaginative, pasta salad, potato salad, and some grated carrot, I would honestly say there was better selection at a Harvester. Not exactly the authentic Brazilian cuisine I had hoped for. The meat seemed sporadic and you felt like you got what you were given, the tongs used to take the meat were always handled by staff over my plate meaning I had lovely grease drips on my plate, great for someone who is vegetarian.

I know the experience is designed for those who enjoy and eat meat, but for those who ate meat the feed back was a resoundingly unenjoyable loud and tacky experience.


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