Juice /Cleanse – Final update

So its finished and done and I am allowed food!

So far today all I have eaten is about 12 dates, a chocolate chia cookie and a smoothie, don’t get me wrong my inner demon is saying ‘buy chips, with cheese lots of cheese’ but part of me is saying ‘wow and give up already how bad is that?’ and ‘ You went through all that for what?’ So I think it’ll be a chia pudding and a banana flapjack and that will be it.

So in all I think the process was good, the final total on the scales was 7.2lb lighter so internally I am fighting between wanting to just eat everything and the little cheerleader in me saying ‘no! go on and keep going, the diet wasn’t even that bad!’.

So I shall keep you posted, round two health wise will be heading back to the gym for my fitness plan to be put together…. Now where did I put my membership card….

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