Juice/Smoothie – Day 4 – the storms over

Well its morning and its the final day! I barely slept last night not due to the cleanse but due to the high winds and hearing things being blown around in the street wishing they weren’t hitting my car!

So I weighed myself again this morning and I am another 1.6lb down if only it was that easy to loose weight naturally I would be a happy girl. I think what has struck me is what they say on these detox retreats, ‘Our clients lose on average half a stone a week’ well yes and that is on 5 juice drinks a day and exercise, but how much of that is water weight and will come back on and I’ve lost a total of 6.6lb so far so not far off the half stone mark.

All takeaway and food cravings have gone again, I am not sure if that is due to it being morning, I mean who wants a curry at 9am, or if that’s just because psychologically I am in a different place.

I am feeling a little odd about eating tonight, part of me is relieved as it means this is finally over but part of me is disappointed that I havent made the full 4 days, So I think what I might do is tomorrow when I am back at work just limit to juices in the day and light snacks in the evening. I am working till almost 8pm anyways so I will be easily distracted. Underneath it all I think deep deep down I don’t want to step on the scales and be any heavier after eating tonight. I know there is a good chance I will be due to water weight though.

Also I think I will need to plan some dinners this week as I don’t have any food in really, just salad stuff and avocado to be able to snack on.

Mentally I feel just as bright as I did before, I don’t feel letharic or tired, I havent had any headaches which I was kind of expecting and I was expecting to feel annoyed frustrated or weepy none of which has come up. Maybe I do have more control over food than I thought!


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