Juice/Smoothie – Day 3 – update

So day three is done, and if I am honest I feel weary. I am surprised that my body is aching from the exercise I did yesterday. It is a little demoralising that I have sore hips after only a 6 mile walk.

Today was wet windy and very very rainy. I only managed a 3 mile walk today as the wind, rain and hail well just made be very soggy and my face hurt.

Today as I was with friends most of the day was a positive distraction but hard work as I have realised how much I talk about food with my friends who are all like me massive foodie.

So I managed to leave as they were ordering a curry, which to be honest sounded far too good to comprehend so I headed home to have a bath and an early night.

I have started day dreaming about when I will eat when I finish this cleanse, varying between, curry, and cheesy chips but oddly not pizza which is my ‘Nemesis’ food. I think I’ve realised what I crave is maybe not the quantity of food, but the actual taste. So perhaps when I cook I should be thinking about flavour over quality?

I am out on a date tomorrow night so potentially may have to introduce some food back into my diet, part of me wants to just eat everything in sight to ‘reward’ myself for having done the cleanse, but the other part of doesn’t want to make this whole process feel like a waste and not a the clean new start I have been looking for.


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