Juice/Smoothie – Day 2

Well what a night if I am honest! got fed up and was in bed my 20:30, but could I get to sleep? no.

I tossed and turned and watched crap on my iPad but couldn’t get comfy at all, my feet were hot and sweaty and couldn’t cool down, and when I finally fell asleep I had really weird and disturbing disjointed dreams.

I woke up tired and bleary eyed at 7am, which isn’t unusual for me as I usually get up at 6am. I had another dose in bed before dragging my butt out of bed. HOWEVER I wasn’t hungry! I feel empty but not shaky or weak at all. Maybe day 2 wont be as hard as day 1?

The one thing I am surprised at is emotionally I feel quite settled and fine, so far anyway. I was expecting internal tantrum and strop about feeling ‘denied’ food but nothing so far.

I know I shouldn’t weigh myself but well I am human and since weighing myself first thing yesterday morning… I have lost 3.6lb! Now I know a lot of that is just water weight but wow! that’s only 6lbs away from where I was before which I can’t help hoping I will get to by the end of the detox, and then I just have to be careful and monitor it not going back on? Maybe a one day juice only detox a week might be a good thing?



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