Juice/Smoothie – Day 2 – Update

So it’s the end of day 2. I was distracted from food a little more today as I was out with family and went on a 6 mile walk. I was a little concerned having not eaten for almost 48 hours how I would feel but I felt fine, not lacking of energy, headaches or anything else associates with cleansing.

Weirdly most of all – not hungry!

Perhaps this is the ‘high’ that people talk about? I’ve even planned to head out on a dog walk tomorrow to see how that feels.

It felt a little odd cooking dinner for others that were eating but not me, but I didn’t feel that it was punishment or denial in any way. However as soon as I was back in the house on my own, whats the first thing I thought of? food. I think learning to eat when I am hungry and not out of habit and boredom could be one of my biggest challenges.

I did weigh myself hoping for an exciting number to come up and although I keep telling myself it is water weight and some will inevitably come back on but with the other irrational part going ‘are you lighter yet?’.This evening was no change from this morning.

I would be lying to say it is a little disappointing but have to keep reminding myself this is a life change and not a quick fix, and the juice cleanse is more about my psychological and emotional relationship with food than the weight-loss itself.

I’ll be interested to see how I sleep tonight

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