Is fitspiration any inspiration?

I also realised on this journey how much I look on the internet about other women’s bodies, I honestly don’t know if it is a good or a bad thing. Am I doing it to punish myself or am I do it as inspiration. It’s fun I seem to have a top three as well, where psychologically I think their bodies are more similar in overall shape (not weight!) to mine. They are:

Kelly Brook
Kat Dennings
Kim Kardashian

Is that good or bad? It’s almost I have to relate my body and journey to some goal look I guess. However what does concern me is these women have a lot of time to spend just on how they look so is it unrealistic? I also found myself looking for body measurements, in the back of my head knowing they will just me made up on websites but wanting to know anyway.

Do I hold and irrational subconscious belief that if I get to that shape/weight/size that I will be healthier, happier or my life will be perfect?

We all know Thinspo is bad, and I am so glad we have moved over from the slogan below to a much more positive version. But are either really helpful to us?














What worries me about either of those is that the word health isn’t mentioned? and also subconsciously the message is similar, one is about being skinny, the other is about being fit but its the top four words that seem odd ‘ nothing tastes as good’ now I know in the fitness related one this refers to positive food choices, but will everyone read it like that and rush off to the nearest healthy but fat laden avocado? or again feel they have to diet and limit their intake?

Why isn’t healthy (in whatever body shape that takes) the new skinny?

Next time you see one of these “fitspiration” messages, I want to ask myself how it makes me feel. If these images and texts motivate me to respect your body as something that can do so much good, make and reach fitness goals, and maintain health that will keep me happy and able, then they are appropriate.

If they motivate me to worry about being looked at or to improve parts of my body to meet a beauty ideal I see in media, I need to be aware of this.




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  1. nrtheverve says:

    Ah love this!!! Such a good point! I’m completely the same. You eat well and train your body so that you can feel happier and HEALTHIER in your own skin. And to live a longer fulfilling life. I just love the bit you’ve put right at the end – everybody definitely needs to think and question that when looking at other people. Thanks for sharing!! x

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