Starting again… again…

So its been a while all! what has happened? well…

I’ve moved – twice

I’ve settled into my career

I’ve bought my first house and a new car and taken on an allotment

I’ve turned 30

So life is definitely going my way right?


Under it all I am 30, single, chubby, lacking energy with a terrible relationship with food. I weighed myself today and I have put on 9lbs in the last month. At my smallest aged 25 I was 13 stone in 5 years that has crept back up to over 15 and its heading toward the biggest I was at 21 18.5 stone and frankly the idea of that terrifies me, so I have to do something about it. So I have come back here to journal the trials and tribulations of a 30 something single girl with all her friends settling down and getting married, compared to only long-term relationship I have with the fridge and the takeaway man!

So join me one again down the rabbit hole in the semi organised chaos that is my life…


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