Juice/Smoothie – Day 1

So what can I do to kick-start things? I’m 9lbs heavier that I was only a month ago and all my money seems to go to the takeaway man on my secret love and relationship with pizza and cheesey chips.

I’ve read blog after blog about juice fasting and feeling light and almost spiritual after having done one for a few days, so I have booked off a week in April to do a proper juice and colon cleanse, however all my plans fell through over this 4 day weekend so instead of going away I am home, so I thought why not seize the power of now and actually do something!Smoothie

So the cleanse – well it’s not as intense as a juice cleanse and I am using it as a taster to see what the 9 day cleanse will be like in April so in short this is 4 days on vegetable and fruit smoothies with no added sugar or  just vegetable juices. I’m hoping it will also throw up and emotional/psychological stuff about not ‘eating’ as it were.

So today is day one, I have weighed and measured myself with dread and trepidation and I am currently sipping on my first acai berry, and pomegranate juice of the day which to me tastes very sickly sweet. I have also rejoined the gym and have my fitness assessment later today so hang tight for a blog post on that!


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  1. Ray says:

    Good luck! I’ve never done the juice thing, but I have a green smoothie a few times a week. (Spinach, bananas, strawberries.)

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