30 going on 45… the naked truth

So in a new bid to get fit I finally booked in for the gym induction – the lady on reception gave me two options the full 1 hour assessment or the quick fix assessment. I wanted to chicken out and go for the quick assessment but as its supposed to be turning over a new leaf and all so off I went/waddled for a very sobering experience.

So meeting my lovely young curly-haired personal trainer and after measurements, weight, height and all those other awful things being measured I was given the grim results.

I am officially 43.5% fat – it should be 21.0 – 32.9%, with a metabolic age of a 45 year old! I am at a heightened risk of diabetes and even my blood pressure was higher than it should be.

The only positive that came out of it is that my flexibility is good and that my visceral fat is low (the dangerous fat around my organs).

If that’s not a wake up call I don’t know what is!




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  1. lexilife says:

    Haha – motivation at it’s best right? I’ve never done those measurements/assessments. I reckon people avoid it at all costs, but you’ve just done half the battle! Good luck x


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