Learn to love your hair again – but at what price?

One of the most precious things to a girl is her hairdresser, it may seem shallow but its true. Once we’ve found them we don’t want to leave, so what happens when you move? Well I maybe took the more extreme option and just didn’t have my hair cut… at all… for a year…

So lets face it I could only avoid having my hair cut for so long, before it became misshapen, lank, dull lifeless and well just awful. Fancying a bit of a new year Spring upgrade I soon faced the reality that I would need a new style. Now being a girl on a budget I found a deal online and headed off to Cedars in Bushey Hertfordshire.


They say:

Immediately you walk into Cedars Hair Salon in Bushey you will notice and feel the relaxed warm atmosphere. Each member of our team is friendly and accommodating, 100% customer care and satisfaction is priority

Our team have trained within the Cedars UK Hair Academy and work to the very high standards they have been taught, knowing exactly what our clients want and there to provide advice where needed.  We aim to exceed client expectations.

Our knowledge on hair care products are clear and beneficial to each individual client.  We also offer the complete range of hair and beauty services for all the family, including a range of niche services in all types of hair extensions, Brazilian keratin treatments and ‘hair up’ for all special occasions.

Our considerable range of stylists enable us to price ourselves for everyone’s budget without compromising quality.

If you are a potential new client, looking for quality service in a friendly Salon, where there is ample free parking 2 minutes away, look no further, we have stylists, products and a service for clients with the most discerning requirements.

b14d7dc2I say:

I was met by the receptionist who was impeccably dressed who told me Stephen would be looking after me today. I was offered tea and coffee and then left to sit and await the wonderous Stephen as she carried on chatting/gossiping to someone else and generally ignoring me and fussing over her friends who came it to show her a cake. Sitting next to her was a member of staff who was obviously experimenting with her own hair at the time and looked quite frankly sullen in appearance. The salon was busy, but I wouldn’t say meeting the sleek professional mark it was evidently striving for. It is in a converted old style building with beams etc wich could have made the salon look fantastic but in fact made it look a little cramped.

Stephen was flamboyant and effeminate, however I immediately felt safe in his hand, I told him my shameful secret of not having my hair cut, to which he told me he would make me look fabulous in no time. I wasn’t exactly asked what I wanted done with my hair but was more informed that he wanted to keep it long but with more shape and volume (which was fine by me) – I was sent off to be shampooed by some young guy who was actually rather good, apart from saying ‘bless you’ every 5 minutes, I was then deposited back to Stephen with his scarf and cowboy boots to work his magic. Well he chopped and chopped and chopped, and if I’m honest I was starting to get worried, I had no chance to voice any concern before he had run off to start someone elses hair and I was handed to someone else to blowdry.

Now I have never had my hair blow dried before and bless her the girl really worked hard on it, and the results showed, my hair was wavy, bouncy, it had volume and finally some shape back to it. Stephen returned for a final appraisal of the poor girls work to which my hair was declared to be perfect and I was sent on my way.

The cost for the make over at full price £52 was it worth it, for what was a busy and not very clean and professional salon, would i say it was worth it? no. I admit i didn’t really liked being pushed from person to person as people were running behind schedule, I felt more of an inconvenience than valued client. Did they do a good job? – Yes as much as I hate to admit it, the guy really knew what he was doing.

Will I go back? – with a 30% discount card in my wallet I may well try round 2….




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