Tasteful and Glitter in the same phrase is it true?

Okay so glitter nail varnish conjures up ideas of teenage girls, messy nails and huge chunks of coloured tinfoil  in nail varnish, garish yes, classy no!

hologamImagine this, a super hard top coat, with tiny hologram glitter particles so it looks like someone has sprinkled stardust on your nails… Interested? I thought so!

Introducing Out the Door – Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat

Hard to get hold of in the UK but it is well worth it. At first glance it looks like a clear bottle of nail varnish however under closer inspection and a bit of a shake, the bottle is soon filled with time particles of glitter. holohgram topcoat

The varnish itself goes on well leaving a rock hard top coat and an understated glitter which looks stunning when it catches the light. You don’t need much to get a nice effect and the varnish dries quickly.

Even better the glitter is so fine you don’t get the bumpy texture that other glitter nail varnishes give. The varnish comes in silver and gold, however the gold is notoriously hard to find.  Add a little magic to your beauty drawer, you won’t be disappointed.



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