Love a snack? – Fancy a Graze….

Okay Okay so most of us in the UK will have heard to Graze by now, little brown boxes delivered through your door?

No? well here’s the low down – Put simply, Graze is snack food delivered right to your home or place of work. You receive a box through the post with four punnets (little plastic containers) of snack food. The food can range from mini flapjacks to seeds, to little oatbakes with a dip, to rice crackers. All for £3.95 per box.

I signed up due to the flexibility of the product, you can have it delivered weekly. bi-weekly or fortnightly. Now at work I am a terrible snacker, as so it gets to 11am my tummy is rumbling and let me tell you there are only so many yoghurt a girl can eat. So I was looking for variation but a healthy option.

Now the thing I like about Graze is the options available to you

Nibble BoxGraze

This is Graze’s most popular box, and probably the one that most people will go for. It gives you access the full range of foods from their menu.

Nutrition Box

If you go for a Nutrition Box, then you can select what sort of Nutritional plan you would like. The three plans currently on offer are:

eatwellBox – A selection of all our healthy recipes with the odd treat now and again.

boostBox – Our strictest, most healthy box with our most nutrient dense foods to give you a natural boost.

lightbox – All our lowest calorie nibbles. Everything’s between 50 and 150 calories and nothing tastes like diet food. Great if you’re watching your weight.

These are perfect for people who are on diets or trying to focus on eating specific foods. Selecting any of these boxes will immediately limit your menu options for that box.

Breakfast Box

This is a new product from Graze which allows you to get your day off to the right start with a good healthy breakfast. The box is a selection of four Porridges in punnets similar to the regular Graze Nibblebox. They contain a helping of porridge and on the side a little helping of Honey to add to your porridge.

As you can imagine I have the lightbox – which means yet some foods are out of bound for me as they reach over the 150 calorie limit but actually the selection is very good and Graze give you a booklet with every box including all the nutritional information.

Cute quirky and definitely betty than crisps or chocolate when you hit the mid morning slump, Graze are worth trying. Just think a box of healthy treats every week for less calories and cash than a daily take out coffee… and you get to feel that glowing halo while you are tucking into your delicious goodies while everyone else is snacking on chocolate….




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