A touch of Taupe for classic glamour…

So while bargain hunting as I do I came across these little bargains, as they are on the same colour spectrum I decided to review them together.

opi a taupe the space needleFirst: OPI A-taupe the space needle

From OPI’s Fall 2011 ‘Touring America’ Collection. Essentially a rich mid taupe brown. Don’t be put off by the sludgy brown in the bottle, I can understand why you wouldn’t give this colour a second glance, but it is worth it.

You need two coats to get a good finish, but it is a nice classy understated brown, great for work and unusual enough for cocktails with girls after. it sits very well tonally with nude skin and really does go with everything, dressed up and dressed down. See it as an investment piece or a go to varnish.

Second: Get in the expresso laneexpresso lane

Again from  OPI’s Fall 2011 ‘Touring America’ Collection. A gorgeous opulent grey/brown. I was expecting more yellow or green tones in here but it doesn’t. Just think of this as the grown up brother to a-taupe the space needle, a darker, more refined classic night time version. Two coats gives you a dark intense glossy colour that really adds some evening glamour to your nails, rather than an over the top gothic black.

Break out of the pink and red mould and spice up your wardrobe with this classic staples.


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