When you can’t eat it – Why not bathe in it?

So I love bath stuff, you make have noticed that already? I’m also trying to watch what I eat (Who doesn’t after Christmas) so imagine my delight when I was gifted this little number.

Pretty Patisserie Pamper Set RRP £10

They say:

Give the gift of luxury with this beautiful Pretty Patisserie Pamper Set! This detailed beauty case is decorated with pink and white candy stripes and features a beautiful patisserie illustration on the front. Open the clasp and lift the lid to reveal pretty Parisian motifs printed inside, along with some special treats! The set contains lemon shower cream, cherry bubble bath, strawberry body wash and strawberry body butter, along with a pastel green body polisher. Enjoy the goodies for luxury bathing and use the case to store all your beauty essentials!


■ Lemon shower cream (140ml)pretty patisserie

■ Cherry bubble bath (140ml)

■ Strawberry body wash (140ml)

■ Strawberry body butter (100ml) Body polisher

I Say:

Like a little Great British Bake Off goodie in a cute little carry case, and if I can’t eat all of the above then I may as well bathe in it. This cute case is adorable and nostalgic and is a good size to use as a storage box afterwards.

The bottles are cute (although plastic) and are reminiscent of little milk bottles and the smell is heavenly. This is certainly not a high-end product but more of a cute girlie buy for a niece/little sister.

If you’re looking for classy and luxury, this isn’t it. But as a cute cheer up buy? I’d say tuck in!


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