Golden Globes 2014 – Not so golden

Is it me or did the flooded red carpet for this years Golden Globes pre-empt the disaster? For a time to shine with jewels frocks and general preening and pampering this year was a bit of a let down…

Here are some of the best and worst for 2014

The Worst:

Emma Watson: What were you thinking with your crazy bag trouser dress? fashion forward… or just off the rails?

Amy Adams: Just. plain. Boring sorry, even the up do makes you look like you just threw it on after the gym

Jen Lawrence: Toilet roll holder…. I can’t say any more than that

Zoe Saldana: Just what on earth is going on? it looks like a toddler has found some PVA glue and gone to town

Sandra Bullock: You look great in classic dresses, nice sleek figure hugging column dresses, this looks like a high school prom where you WONT be crowned queen

emma watson dior Amy Adams - Valentino - Miss jen lawrence - christian dior - miss zoe saldana - prabal gurung, bottega veneta miss sandra prabal gurung

The Best:

Taylor Swift: The classic clothes horse does it again, simple classy and elegant well done!

Reese: new hair and a new look! moving into casual brights this dress fits and hugs all the wrong places without looking too Barbie like, Well done for laying off the tan too that would have made the whole thing fall apart

Jess Chastain: You always get it right you amazing fashion diva, stunning simple and just right

Kayley Couco: You can dress like a prom queen and look grown up too, with the stunning couture muted ballgown that is just right for her skintone. No teenage fairy princess here.

Cate Blanchett: Mortica Adams with class, a lovely delicate gothic lace dress which is just revealing enough not to be prudish but still very classic and tasteful well done!

taylor - carolina herrera hit reese calin klein jess chastain - givenchy kaley cuoco - rani Zakem cate-Armani prive


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rola says:

    I’d have to agree. There seemed to be a lot more golden misses than hits this year!

    1. lifegoddess says:

      I’m not sure what happened, Shame really…. Hers hoping the rest of the year shapes up better!

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