Think Pink? – Time for a submersion into the world of Barbie and love whales…

I love bathtime… A place where I can lock the door and essentially lock the world out, I call it marinade-ing and ideally in some form of fancy smelling potion.

A while ago I was given a present from Lush and if I’m honest it was left undiscovered in the bottom of a bag for many months until recently.

Think Pink Bath Bomb – £2.50

They say:

A relaxing pink bath bomb with a sweet vanilla and tonka fragrance.

Decorated with candy flowers, this bomb has a sophisticated vanilla and tonka scent. As it gently dissolves, you’ll feel as though you’re getting a big hug – you’ll find yourself surrounded by rice paper confetti hearts that slowly melt away.

I Say:

let’s be honest £2.50 is a lot for any bath time, however this thing is huge, think tennis ball sized and you’re close. i initally thought maybe I could cut it in half and make it last two baths, but as soon as you look at the ingredients and texture you realise it’s not possible. So in it goes.. Boy does it fizz it fizzes and fizzes and then some more giving off this strong pink colour until my entire bath looks like a dip dye Barbie tank, if I’m honest I’m a little scared to get in though fear of me coming out blonde and containing more plastic that I feel comfortable with. This is definitely a girlie bath. if you like pink fluffy glitter pens… this is for you.

The race paper hearts… as if the colour wasn’t enough, you feel surrounding by Valentines confetti so I feel as if I’m some form of decorative love whale. the smell is well definitely vanilla, but quite a sickly sweet version which was tolerable but not great.

As for sophisticated I don’t think you could describe anything of the above experience as sophisticated. Sorry Lush you usually make good wholesome organic products, this seems like a tacky exception to the rule.


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