Move over moisturiser…… its all about the serum

okay okay marketing works on me we all know this to be true… and lets face it why have a moisturizer when you can have a serum, its sounds so much more grown up and sophisticated and well luxurious. Like a secret potion that you slather on your face for everlasting beauty or youth or a smaller nose… well maybe not the last but you get the drift!

So I jumped at the change to try

Sanctuary Therapists Secret Facial Oil: £17.40 RRp

They Say:3214-secret-facial-oil-sm

Sanctuary’s Therapist’s Secret Facial Oil is a Youth Boosting Facial favourite. Described by the therapists in Sanctuary Spa, Covent Garden as the secret step in a spa facial, this superfood for skin works on all skin types to help replenish the skin’s own natural oil content and provide noticeable plumping and lasting rejuvenation. A potent mixture of pure oils; sunflower, jojoba and wheatgerm oil, known to be rich in vitamin E, soak into skin to help hydrate and condition. Rosehip seed oil helps rebuild and strengthen while the balancing duo of precious rose and frankincense both soothe and calm, for skin which looks dewy-soft, radiant and noticeably younger.

I Say:

I don’t usually love Sanctuary stuff, its seems to be a Spa sell out in many ways with budget bath goodies at a premium price. This however is different. For a start it smells divine and goes on a treat. you only need a few drops to really nourish your skin. I wouldn’t put it on in the morning and then put make up over it, however as a night-time nourishment this really feels like a high-end product. The next morning my face feels rejuvenated but not greasy and it does have a better glow. Don’t get me wrong it won’t provide miracles but there is a notable difference and as they say… Every little helps?



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