Goodbye weather beaten winter skin – hello glow!

So I’ve been away between Christmas and New Year, time to blow the cobwebs away and gain perspective on things. So I headed to the South West and well into wet weather and blustery storms, however I am not a lady to be deterred, cue long hillside cliff walks, stunning scene, wind whipped hair and a very red face in need of TLC

Cue: Youthful Essence Vitamin Enriched Resurfacing Cream By Susan Lucci RRP £29.99

They say:

This nutrient-rich antioxidant cream helps nourish your skin with moisture and at the same time It will gently exfoliate your skin and make it look and feel fresh & youthful.

It will exfoliate away dull and dry surface cells. Your skin will be left Rejuvenated and renewed. It can be used on any part of the body that you wish to have feeling softer and younger, such as Hands, Feet, Neck, Face and Chest.

youthfull essenceI Say:

This is a wonderful home microdermabrasion system that over time delivers near salon quality results. As you know I do have regular (2 monthly) Microdermabrasion, however this is a perfect partner to the treatment or if you are on a budget a good replacement. The cream is thick, I don’t bother with any of the other Susan Lucci Products (the cream is usually sold as part of a system).

In the shower take off your make up, rub this on and really rub it in, it feels grainy like sandpaper and takes a while to wash off, however the results are worth it. I would recommend using it with a nourishing facial oil for smooth glowing results.

why not give you face a winter treat and some much needed pampering!


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