Real men buy flowers

To many, purchasing flowers is cliché or corny or tacky. And to others, it’s an outdated ritual in our modern era of gender equality.

flowersHere is the first and ONLY rule to buying a woman flowers

Flowers should not apologize; they should symbolize some wonderful thoughts about the woman.

Flowers are not a romantic punchline, nor are they a symbol of patriarchal dominance. Maybe it does harken back to a time when men were gorillas in gray suits and women were trophies soaking their hands in bowls of Palmolive liquid soap — a time when flowers were employed to mend broken promises, to make up for forgotten dinner dates, or to apologize for lipstick-stained shirt collars.

Those days are in the past, of course. Flowers do not resolve conflicts, nor do they anesthetize.

Buying a gift for that special person is just a way of saying “I’m thinking about you when you’re not here.”

And that’s what flowers are, just a simple, easy way of letting someone know they were in your thoughts. That’s it. It’s not complicated. Flowers announce: out of sight, still in my mind and heart. It is unerringly human to want to know that someone is thinking about you when you are not around.

Bottom line? – real men buy flowers, it’s not stupid or a waste of money or cheesy. It’s a way of a man showing I’ve thought of you and I want you to know that. That for me shows true strength!


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