Grinning like a Chesire… Cheese?

So recently I was whisked away for a little weekend cottage getaway to Ludlow, and more specifically the Medieval Christmas Fayre held every year at the Castle. Now as you know I’m a complete foodie, and I love local handmade and hand sourced produce. So when I saw these guys well I couldn’t resist!

The Cheshire Cheese £4.25 per truckle

They say:

The Cheshire Cheese Company has created a unique and fantastic range of contemporary, some say “eccentric” Cheeses for everyone to enjoy. We are Approved by the Vegetarian Society and combine the finest of ingredients carefully balanced and perfected to produce unimaginable flavour combinations. All of our range of cheese has been produced in the heart of Cheshire.

old-hag-ale-mustard-cheeseI say:

Cheese + Alice in wonderland theme There is no way I could not like this company, and what a range of cheese they have! They are captured in adorable little wax truckles (I know I giggle as I type the work truckle) and look divine as little gifts in xmas hampers etc. The taste, well its certainly worth the price!

My favourites:

Caramelised Onion & Rioja Cheddar

Their best selling cheese for over two years. The finest Spanish Rioja red wine has been blended with caramelised onion and has been blended with a tasty mature cheddar. The result is one of the most popular cheeses we have ever made. The sweet note of the onions is balanced with the slight acidity of the Rioja wine.

Old Hag Wincle Ale & Mustard Cheddar

The finest medium mature cheddar, blended this with the local Wincle Breweries ‘Old Hag’ Porter Stout Ale and added wholegrain mustard to create a truly wonderful cheese. This cheese is a taste sensation invented in-house and making the most local of ingredients. Think English Rarebit on toast or melt with Creme Fraiche for a great fish sauce

Irish Whiskey & Stem Ginger

Gold Award Winner at the 2011 International Cheese Awards. Real Irish Whiskey has been blended with sweet Stem Ginger and a mature cheddar.  You can taste the Whiskey as a back note balancing with the Stem Ginger Cheese to make a great dessert cheese.

Jamaican Jerk Spicy Gourmet Cheddarcaramelised-onion-rioja-cheese

If you like it Hot, Hot, Hot then you will love this cheese. Made with top quality Jamaican style Jerk sauce and added spices which gives this cheese a really pleasant kick and a gentle heat that leaves a tingle on the tastebuds

And on my wish list, for those with eclectic tastes

Sticky Toffee Heaven Cheddar
Santa’s Choice Creamy Cinnamon Raisins




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