Time for a – Scoff and Banter

I like London, well I lie I love London, I really do even just going there to eat is so much nicer than places locally to me, the whole ambience is different. So I jumped at the opportunity to eat out in London at the Scoff and Banter

scoff3They Say:

Flooded with natural light and deeply comfortable with paprika crushed velvet sofas, Scoff & Banter Leicester Square has a large terrace and is one of London’s best al fresco spaces. In the heart of theatre and cinema land, Scoff & Banter Leicester Square is a great place to relax with a serious cocktail, and to people watch an unrivalled mixture of local’s, tourists and celebrities.

I Say:

Tucked away inside the Hampshire Leicester Square is Scoff and Banter – a chain restaurant with 8 locations across london. Inside you feel instant calm and it is not like your usual hotel restaurants, the decor is wonderful and sumptuous with large crushed velvet sofas and high dramatic wingback chairs.

The service was well, reasonable the cocktails I ordered and was very much looking forward to they didn’t have scoff2the full ingredients for so I ended up having a passionfruit and Vanilla Mojito instead (£11.00) it took and age for the cocktails to arrive, around 20 mins and as nice as mine was, I certainly didn’t get a hint of vanilla or passionfruit.

For dinner we had the Poached Salmon Salad (£8.25) and the Goats Cheese and Onion tart with Hazelnut salad (£8.75) along with the Warm artisan Breads (£5.50) and well the presentation and the quality of the food, really was superb, the portion sizes were lovely and the pastry from the obviously homemade tart was stunning. Really fantastic food at a very reasonable price.

scoff1We were there on a Tuesday and it never got busy at all, and we never felt rushed with was lovely as you could really have a good catch up without feeling the pressure of having to leave.

I lovely bit of solitude in a very busy area, perfect for theatre dinners or just to be caught up in the hustle and busy of a busy capital


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