A hint of Morocco – Hidden in SW1

Well as it was my birthday recently we decided to escape away for a much needed pamper day in SW1 and to the Dolphin Spa to me more exact.

Now I’m not a huge Spa goer, but I love a good pamper and after traipsing around for a while to find the location (don’t try to come in from embankment side!) we finally arrived DSC_1929-e1349276884333

They Say:

London’s only Spa offering the benefits of combined authentic Moroccan Hammam, Rhassoul, and Salt Infused Steam Room experience. Dolphin Square’s mineral rich water is drawn from the only working Artesian well in the City of Westminster. Coming directly from the water table this makes a significant contribution to Spa treatments, Dolphin Square’s & Westminster’s environmental status.

The Spa Facilities  •4,000 sq feet  •Hammam  •Rhassoul Chamber  •Salt Infused Steam Room  •Tepidarium  •5 Spa Treatment Rooms  •2 Studio Treatment Rooms  •2 Relaxation Lounges  •Walled Courtyard Garden  •Retail  •Private Parking  •Free WiFi  •Spa Days, Stays & Gift Vouchers

I Say:

Communication from the Spa was excellent. We were called beforehand to confirm our treatments we had booked and also to send us details of the Spa, and directions etc.

On arrival it seems a bit like a leisure centre until you go underground, that’s when it all changes, and honestly the decor was done exceedingly well and very tastefully. Think dim lights and the feel of a quite calm Moroccan Souk. They took all our details and allowed us to get hanged into some fluffy robes before our treatments started.

The Spa in Dolphin Square A Touch of Morocco in Central London (2)Firstly the Rhassoul – £45 (45 mins)

An age old beautifying remedy, Rhassoul historically means ‘a substance that cleanses’. An exotic, purifying & detoxifying ritual using lava clay sourced from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco with unique properties to draw out toxins & impurities in skin. Upon entering the heated chamber, Rhassoul mud is applied to the body and face (and hair). Steam is interjected into the chamber to allow the mud to soften and be rubbed over the body. The bather relaxes in the heat while the active properties of the mud work. To complete the ritual a shower washes the mud away.

I say

This was actually quite nice, you are in a private chamber for two for this, so great if your away with your mum or your partner as there is some privacy while you essentially coat yourself with a clay/mud type substance. It wasn’t as think as I would have liked ideally but it smelt heavenly as it was heavily infused with rose oil. Once you are coated in your mud you get to sit on your ‘throne’ while the steam envelops the room, this was a very relaxing part as you could just relax and drift off with the Moroccan inspired music, however the ‘thrones’ weren’t heated so leaning back really wasnt and option which was a shame

After the Rhassoul we were led to some lovely heated benches in the relaxation room to have some water and a relax prior to the Salt infused Steam

Salt infused steam £15 (15 min)DolphinSpaCourtyard

Salt helps the healing process of a variety of skin and respiratory conditions. The salt infused steam room is a hot humid chamber inspired by Arab culture that mimics the benefits of the sea air, producing negative ions to fight destructive free radicals. It draws out toxins, whilst soothing weary or aching muscles and joints to induce a state of deep relaxation.

I say

basically a hot tiled sauna type experience with a lot of steam, although I could feel no salt taste at all, it was nice being in there, but for no longer than about 15 mins before needing to stand outside to cool down, expect to get very sweaty in here! worth the £15? no not really.

Facial £35 (25mins)

Anti-Oxidant Facial   The Recover Touch treatment works to contrast wrinkles and expression lines, stimulate cell renewal whilst anti-oxidant vitamins work to brighten and revitalise skin.

Dolphin_Square_SpaI say:

This was actually very good, the therapist was very polite, did the consultation well and wasn’t too pushy with the sales side of things. The facial itself was good, nothing outstanding but you could tell the products used were of a very good quality. I would have prefered more of a face massage concentrating on pressure points as well really.


We were there around 3.5 hours in total including tea and nuts being served to us as well. For the location I felt the Spa was reasonably priced, the staff helpful and professional and the rooms immaculate. Well worth going to this little oasis to relax and be pampered if you have the time!



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