Must we be act like men to be successful?

For millennia now, this has been a man’s world. To survive and thrive many women have had to adapt. Fortunately for us feminine energy, unlike its masculine counterpart, adaptable and flexible. Feminine energy is like a bamboo reed that can sway and bend with the wind, while masculine energy is more like an oak tree – fixed, strong, solid, unyielding.

Now don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with masculinity, in fact I’m a great advocate of it, however in order to succeed we seem to think we have to take on a mans persona with this idea of “if you can’t beat them join them”

So now  anything a man can do, we can now also do; Belle-Silhouette--vector-2


in  stilettos,

while driving,

and applying mascara.

What have we sacrificed in the mean time? Have we lost our one true power our feminity? have we lost the very core of our beings and what we should be holding sacred and dear to ourselves?

Masculinity is active and assertive. It is through externally directed action that things are achieved in a masculine manner. Feminine power on the other hand is attractive. It does not go out and club things on the head then drag them to the cave, instead it draws them in, towards it.

Instead of shunning it, shouldn’t we embrace it? A woman connected to her feminine power is an attractive woman. And by attractive I do not mean easy on the eye, I mean she possess the ability to draw or pull in, like a magnet. Men have their own way of working, and its great and it works for them, but does it work for us?

When you take a magnet and place it on a surface full of nails, the nails will be drawn to the magnet. They will move from where they were towards the magnet. The motion (activity) appears to come from the nails, but it is the magnet that does the pulling. If the magnet lost its attractive power the nails would remain motionless.

Yet all over the world women are respected and admired for their strength of character, not their weakness and why? because they were confident in their feminity, not because they worked like men, acted like men and thought like men, but because they realised they had their own power, a different power but one as equally as strong.

Elizabeth Taylor managed to get 7 men to marry her, one of them twice. According to the Hebrew Bible, King Solomon offered to give the Queen of Sheba everything she asked for. Both didn’t actually didn’t want for much, as she was extremely wealthy in her own right, but he really wanted to please her.

So why do women now  fight, threaten, intimidate and dominate.  We motivate men with pain. We nag, sulk, withhold sex, argue; until they relent, just to make the pain stop.We have forgotten how to make men WANT to give us what we want. The feminine way is the way of the snake charmer. You not only get it (whatever it may be) to come to you, you make it WANT to come to you

We are equal but different, thank god we are different, lets celebrate it!

Celebrate your inherent power, and your feminity, and maybe the world will too.



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