A little black number as a secret weapon? – Avon has it

So I thought it would be about time to do another perfume review. I didn’t think I was a massive perfume fan until not that long ago during a clear out I realised I had 8 different perfumes. Actually make that 9.

Now I don’t like using expensive perfume for work, as i like to associate my luxury scents with playtime, as it were. But there is a dilemma, what do you wear to work? its great to have a signature scent for work I feel, one where when you put it on in the morning it puts you in that work frame of mind. After all I can still be feminine at work!

So here it is my secret everyday weapon, I’ve had countless comments on it, and every time people are shocked when I tell them where it is from as….. shhhhhh come closer….. its Avon.

Avon – Little Black Dress RRP £5-13 per 50ml

They Say:

A timeless, classic combination of sweet fruits, fragranced flowers and rich woods. Oriental, floralLittle black dress

I Say:

It’s not sickly sweet or girlie which I feel at work can be the wrong type of scent. Its light and feminine enough for the day time but still strong and woody enough for it not to be too twee.

The downside as that is it isn’t a high quality product the scent doesn’t linger on like a true perfume should. The bottle itself is simple classic and classy, and wouldn’t look out of place amongst much higher end cosmetics.

To me it is the perfect balance between a work and a little bit of your true character shining though.



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