This cult buy? – You’d have to be Mad as a Hatter!

So we all know I love most things girlie, okay my room isn’t pink (blue if you must know) and I’ve never owned a feather boa… however I do like cosmetics. Over the years I seem to have picked up quite a hefty selection of nail varnish too.

Most of my Nail Varnish is OPI so when they brough out the Alice in Wonderland Range in 2010 to coincide with Tim Burton’s movie.. Well I couldn’t say no!

So here is one of them:

OPI Mad as a Hatter OPI_Mad_as_a_Hatter (1)

Now why is there no price you say? well that’s because they stopped production soon after rolling out the product making it a ‘Cult Buy’

It’s a multi coloured glitter nail varnish, with is very very densely packed with glitter! and boy is it hard to work with, try 2-3 coats, and as you can see by the picture it looks like your nails are embossed with glitter, not just the simple token gesture of glitter with other brands.

So whats the problem you say? it looks great… well yes it does for about 4 hours, the last on this varnish is simply shocking, it flakes and chips so easily you can barely wear it for a day, and the removal of it? well as the glitter is rough you need to get through about 10 cotton wool pads before it comes off at all.

Honestly? I’d expect more from OPI, no wonder they discontinued this varnish so quickly, and as a cult buy it simply isn’t worth it.


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