Superfruit, my hair?

So I’m a shampoo whore. I unabashedly unashamedly admit it. I can’t help it! I’m endless seeking that super shampoo so I can have luscious silk tresses like some glossy Disney princess.

I’ll be honest, it never happens but I like to keep experimenting to see how close I can get. Now being a lady who likes luxury but on a budget when I saw some of the Schwarzkopf range for sale for the grand price of 99p at fragrance direct, well I just couldn’t say no!

I won’t lie it was the name that got me “Supersoft Ultimate Shine” sounds like my dream hair come true, and clearly the marketing worked on me, as I bought 2

Schwarzkopf_Supersoft_Ultimate_Shine_Superfruit_Conditioner_250mlSchwarzkopf Supersoft Ultimate Shine Superfruit Shampoo & Schwarzkopf Supersoft Repair and Care Coconut Shampoo

They Say:

Schwarzkopf Supersoft Ultimate Shine Superfruit Shampoo is for dull and unmanageable hair.The formula with TLychee and Noni-Berry Extracts provides shimmering gloss reflections.Nourishes and smoothes the hair structure, giving hair the ultimate supersoft shine. With superfruits rich in vitamins and antioxidants, hair will be full of suppleness and radiant mirror-like shine.

Schwarzkopf Supersoft Repair & Care Coconut Shampoo is for dry and damaged hair.The formula with Shea  Butter & Coconut Extract repairs and regenerates deep inside the hair.Smoothes and Nourishes the hair  structure.Strengthens the hair by intensively caring down to the tips.


I Say: 

The Coconut one first – well for those the read my blog often, you’ll know why I bought it. I love anything coconut filled. My last conditioner, my hair serum the lot, so really for 99p I couldn’t say no. Plus with it being for dry and damaged hair, I thought with my hair extensions, why not give it a go! It is a cream liquid in colour with a divine smell that lasts for ages even after rinsing. You do need a fair amount to get up a lather compared to more expensive shampoos. For the price though? it genuinely does make a difference. okay so my locks aren’t quite like the Disney princess I was hoping for (Belle if you MUST ask!) but they are soft and more manageable. Schwarzkopf_Supersoft_Repair_and_Care_Coconut_Shampoo_400ml

Superfruit? – Okay ignore the name, I’m not sure I like the idea of putting superfruit on my hair, I was always told it had a better nutritional value eaiting it rather than hair osmosis. But I thought why not give it a go. With hair extensions they do dry out and go dull quickly so I thought by alternating the two shampoos it may mean that my extensions look better longer. The liquid his a slightly pink sheen and smells like cranberry and blackberry, in essence after using this I smell like a fruit pie, though better on my head than in my tummy as at least I don’t feel as guilty after. Again very similar results to the Coconut one, though I think this one is very slightly better if I had to make a choice.

for 400ml and the price it is great value, for the quality. However the looks let it down. the bottle is very much more for the bathroom drawer than the bathroom shelf, as it doesn’t really scream quality or class. However it is a good everyday shampoo, which wont bankrupt you when all the family including your boyfriend start using it because it smells so good!



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