Prime Time – In the limelight!

Well ladies I think its time to get back to basics, well foundation basics, well primer to be exact!

Many of us don’t use primer as we either don’t know enough about it or are quite frankly too lazy, hey even I hold my hands up to it! plus with so many primers out there being pricey is it worth the money?

Firstly it’s probably good to address what a primer is!

it is used to minimize facial imperfections by applying primer under, or instead of, your foundation. (sounds good fo far right?) Primers are gels or serums that go on clear or with a small amount of shimmer. They minimize the appearance of blemishes and lines by filling them. Primer also evens skin tones and may add a hint of color or glow. Apply foundation primer as the first step in full makeup application, or wear it on its own for a natural, but polished look.

So that’s what a primer does, am I selling it to you already? Well if not read on as I was recently asked to test this:

Prime Time Neutralizing Foundation Primer RRP £14.50 – £21

Bare-Escentuals-bareMinerals-Prime-Time-Oil-Control-Foundation-PrimerThey say:

Create a silky, smooth canvas for a flawless foundation application with Prime Time Neutralizing Foundation Primer. With its colour-correcting yellow base and light-reflective pigments, this innovative foundation primer immediately neutralises the appearance of discolouration, uneven skin tone and redness for brighter, younger-looking skin. Our mineral-infused formula glides on seamlessly, combatting flaky dryness, rough patches and uneven skin texture.

I Say:

Small bottle – only 30ml and a big price, so basically this stuff better be good. The reality? it is good. It goes on quite evenly and has a slightly sticky texture to it, I like to think it helps the foundation stay better. You don’t need much and the coverage is pretty good. Foundation glides well over it and really does have some staying power, with the finish looking better than just foundation alone. Add some finishing powder on top and it really wont budge all day. perfect if you are running around or often get hot at work.

I have naturally oily skin and the primer didn’t seem to make it worse or give me those horrible shiny patches, nor did it make the foundation flake off or dry out during the day as other primers do.

Would I recommend it? yes… if you had the money. I’m not sure if I would splash out on it as a must have, until I’ve tried other primers on the market. However if you want a tried and tested primer which will definitely meet the standard and £15 isn’t too much to you? I’d say definitely pick this one, you wont be let down.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. jacquelyng56 says:

    I have the brightening version of this and the texture is generally okay, it can come out a little watery or thick if I don’t shake enough. It is a bit glittery which is annoying but does hold up well. I’ve never seen this version before. Looks good. Xx

    1. lifegoddess says:

      Thanks for your comment, its great to see people are so interested in make Up – Look out for my incoming review on the MAC Prep and Prime

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